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So you are ready to save some money? I want to provide you with everything you need to get started.  I spend at the most $60 a week for my family of 3 for groceries, toiletries, cleaning supplies, diapers and other small household needs.  There are several steps you will have to take to slash your grocery and household budget like you never thought possible, but you can do it with a little time and organization!

1. Come up with a household budget.

Find all you need to get you started in my post HERE and by watching the video HERE.

You can also use the form provided HERE to start your own family budget.

2. Develop a shopping strategy.

~Build a stockpile.  Learn how and why through the video HERE.
~Use what you have on hand to start a menu.
~Use sale items to finish your menu.  Watch the video HERE for more info on creating a frugal menu.
~Make your shopping list.
Read more about our shopping strategy HERE.

3. Have an understanding of coupons and store rewards programs.

#1 Coupon Knowledge- Click on each one for a description and more information.

Basic Coupon Information
Coupon Lingo
Internet Printable Coupons
Ecoupons Explained

#2 Rewards programs and Store Coupon Policies

Print a pdf document off all the coupon policies listed below HERE.

Walgreens Register Rewards (RR) and Coupon Policy
Rite Aid’s Single Check Rebate (SCR) and Coupon Policy
CVS Extra Care Bucks (ECB’s) and Coupon Policy
Target Coupon Policy, Price Matching Policy and Other Issues
Vons/Safeway Coupon Policy
Albertsons Coupon Policy
Catalina Coupons
Walmart Coupon Policy
WinCo Foods FAQ & Coupon Policy

4.  Get organized

~Get the Sunday paper, or order just the coupon inserts from Coupon-Hot-Spot, she’s local!
~Get a filing system for your inserts.
~Get yourself a coupon organizer.  Make sure to check out our SAHM Coupon Binder!
~Get all the loyalty cards for the stores in your area.
~Get a weekly schedule.
Read more about these steps HERE.

5.  Start Saving! While I am sure that this is not all inclusive, you should have most of the resources you need to get you on your way.  If you have more questions or need help with something specific, send me an email or comment on a specific post to get help.  Now, get out there and save some money!