Going Gluten-Free & How We Plan On Doing This – A New Adventure!




We are going gluten-free for this little cutie pie of mine. She suffers from many allergies, which causes sinus infections, which causes fever, and which causes her seizures. I’ve heard from friends and through online research that going gluten-free could actually help her allergies because her body wouldn’t be fighting the gluten in her system, but the actual allergens that give her so much trouble.


Basically I’m tired of her being on allergy medicines morning and night, and I want her to feel healthy. So here we go on this journey of gluten free and a low sugar diet, or should I say lifestyle.




I remembered from a few weeks ago that the 99 Cent Store had some gluten-free products, so I went this morning and they had more than I thought! We found Udi’s Gluten-Free Dinner Rolls and Tortillas. Plus I found Glutino Bread.


I have several gluten-free recipes, but I’d love to hear your favorites!!! What “scares” me is all the different flours recipes call for. I want to keep it simple. PLEASE SHARE YOUR FAVORITE GLUTEN-FREE RECIPES WITH ME!!!! As I learn, in return I’ll share tried and approved recipes with you.