Our Day At The Fresno Chaffee Zoo!

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Since this year has been a pretty difficult one (you can read why here), we decided to have a day filled with family fun, so we headed to Fresno to see some family and enjoy a day with some pretty amazing animals.


If you’ve never been to the Fresno Chaffee Zoo, I highly recommend it. This was my first time going, and to be honest I wasn’t expecting it to be super nice. When my husband and I lived in Fort Worth, TX we got spoiled by their zoo, it’s ranked in the top 5 zoos in the United States.


When entering the zoo there is a rather large park area, perfect for our picnic lunch! There were some school groups there for end of the year parties, but it really didn’t take away from our experience. The zoo is big enough to handle pretty large amounts of people.




Our favorite activity was feeding the giraffes. It only costs $2.00 to feed them, and well worth the memories and money. My daughter couldn’t get over the fact that their tongues are black… so funny.




There are lots of places to take great pictures. Here we have my daughter and her cousin sitting inside of a hippos mouth, so of course their mouths had to be opened wide! 🙂




I just LOVE the gorilla poses by my daughter and husband! Anyways, I hope you plan a trip their soon. The price for admission isn’t bad at all.


There is a $5 parking fee when you enter the park.


Park Admission:

Fresno Chaffee Zoo Members: FREE
Adult (ages 12 – 61): $7.00
Children (ages 2 – 11) & Seniors (62+): $3.50
Children (1 year and under): FREE


We brought a picnic lunch in our cooler, so come lunch time we received a stamp on our hand and exited the zoo. Found a picnic table near our cars and enjoyed a wonderful lunch. There are several shade trees and the weather was spectacular! Enjoy your day at the zoo 🙂

The Entertainment Book Files For Bankruptcy!

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Here’s the information from The Detroit News:


The offices of Entertainment Promotions in Troy were closed this morning and hundreds of employees dismissed as the longtime marketer of coupon books and promotions said it was filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

The question of whether Entertainment Book coupons would continue to be honored hasn’t been addressed by anyone involved.

For now I would not encourage anyone to purchase an Entertainment Book (or next years) until we know that the redemption process will continue but I’m under the assumption that the 2013 Entertainment Book should not be affected.


I will let you know when I have additional information.

A Frugal Indoor Activity For The Kiddos!

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So the weather has gotten cooler today and it’s suppose to rain the next few days. With me on bed rest I knew I needed to come up with some activities for my little one to do, instead of watching TV all day!


Here’s a great one that we did this morning that she absolutely LOVED beyond belief!!! I got the idea from Eyes On The Source called Balloon Tennis! I know I’ve seen this before, but I could never have imagined how much fun it was (until the balloon popped of course!). Thankfully I had a back-up!





All you do is take strong paper plates and tape a paint stick to the back. We of course didn’t have any paint sticks, so we used wooden spoons (plastic knives would work too). It worked perfectly (since I could play while sitting on the couch), and it was so much fun!


Walla! So when it rains tomorrow make sure you have this activity ready, it’ll keep your kiddos occupied for quite a while!

Our Adventure At Murray Family Farms!

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We decided this last week we would plan a trip to good ol’ Murray Family Farms! We had a BLAST! First off go on a Saturday to enjoy the delicious blueberry pancake breakfast! It’s only $5.99 per person and children under 3 are FREE for your admission and the pancake breakfast is included!

After we ate, we put our little munchkin in a wagon and set off to pick blueberries, blackberries, peaches, and pluots!


We ended our trip jumping on the jump pad, playing in the corn bucket, and petting the goats! We always plan our Murray Farms adventures around picking berries in the summer and apples in the fall.


The fruits of our labor! I’m not quite sure how many pounds of fruit we picked, but it’s enough to have plenty for the rest of the summer! Which cost us about $50.00 (WAY WORTH THE COST!) You can’t get fruit this fresh in the grocery store or blueberries this cheap!

I hope you make it out to the farm soon with your family, you won’t be disappointed!