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DIY Hooded Bath Towel & Heated Rice Pack!



Want to make some Christmas gifts this year that won’t cost too much? I know I want to, and this is a great gift for kiddos. I love using my heated rice pack at night, and my daughter typically asks if she can borrow it after me, so I thought I’d make one especially for her.


First things first, lets make the hooded bath towel. I bought these towels at Kohl’s using a coupon and they were on clearance. If you like the colors, they actually have more or bath towels are on sale this week at Target for $4.00 each.


DIY Hooded Towel



Take the hand towel and lay it out. Find the middle and cut the towel in half.



Super simple right? Next you’re going to fold the towel in half inside out and make a simple stitch down the side (the side that you cut).



This is what the head part of the towel should look like after you sewed those 2 sides together.



Next you are going to attach the head piece to the bath towel. This is actually very simple to do. Lay the bath towel inside up, and place the head piece in the middle of the towel next to the edge. You can pin it in place or just eye-ball it. Now sew the head piece into place.



Not too difficult huh? Now you have a simple yet cozy and glamorous bath towel for your kiddo.



DIY Heated Rice Pack


REMEMBER the other half of the hand towel? I decided to make my daughter a heated rice pack out of it. If you thought making a hooded towel was easy, well this is even simpler!



First thing you want to do is cut the bulky edge off the side of the hand towel, this will make for a much easier sewing job.



Then fold the 2 sides that have been cut together, inside out. Sew a simple stitch along the edge, leave about 1/2 inch edge. If you want to make sure that rice does not ever seep out you can sew a double stitch. Once you are done, turn it inside out.



What I like about using a hand towel is that both shorter sides already have a finished edge. On one side sew the edges shut, that way no rice seeps out when you’re putting it in. Fill it up with about 6-7 cups of rice, it should be at least half way full. (Side note: the top is folded over only because it’s easier for me to get the rice inside that way.)


Now just sew the other side together. I like to leave the outside edges showing. It gives it a finished look in my opinion.



Here is the finished product. It doesn’t look stuffed full of rice, but it is. I love that I was able to use the other half of the hand towel and I know my daughter is going to love both gifts! To use: just stick the rice pack in the microwave for about 3 minutes. It’s going to be warm and a little damp, that’s really help those sore muscles relax. 🙂