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Week 2 Of Our 10 Week Grocery Budget Challenge



We have completed WEEK 2 of our 10 Week Grocery Budget Challenge! If you’d like to learn more about this challenge, go HERE [1], it’s not too late to join in!


My NEW budget for this challenge is $30 per week, and I did it! I came in very close, here’s the breakdown of what I spent and saved:


NEW Budget: $30 per week

Total Spent: $28.00, Saved: at least $44.49


Here is a breakdown of what I bought this week:

Spent $2.99 at Lassen’s on bread

Spent $1.96 at Albertsons on milk and BBQ sauce, saved $13.99

Spent $4.63 at Albertsons on lunchmeat and grapes, saved $13.65

Spent $3.00 at 99 Cent Store on chicken broth and veggie chips

Spent $.98 at Target on produce, meat, bread, dish soap, hair mousse, toothpicks, saved $16.85 –see the breakdown of this shopping trip HERE [2].

Spent $14.44 at Trader Joe’s on chia seeds, English muffins, olive oil, dried apricots, and lemons –pictured above.


How did you do??? If you are participating in this 10 week challenge let us know what your NEW budget is and what you spent this week on groceries in the comment section below.

I will keep track each week with how you all do, and at the end of our 10 week challenge (1) person will win a surprise prize pack from me!