Tip Tuesday: An Easy Way To Stay Within Your Grocery Budget Each Week

Posted by on July 2, 2013




I know the feeling… you only have $5 left in your grocery envelope, and you have no idea what you are going to feed your family for the next few days. It can be overwhelming, but ANYONE can do it. Here is the most IMPORTANT TIP to remember:


Menu plan based on what you already own, and what is on sale in the grocery ads.

I know it’s hard to menu plan, BUT in order to stay within your grocery budget it’s necessary. The internet can give you so many ideas on frugal recipes that only cost $1.50 per serving or less.


Today I will be posting Albertsons and Vons grocery deals, tomorrow I’ll post the rest of our smaller store deals. Before going to the store you need to look at these lists, in order to get the best deals. ALSO, try to buy everything that’s on sale. Spending money on regular priced items is going to drastically eat up your budget, and you’re not even getting your money’s worth.


My families grocery budget over the next 9 weeks is $30 per week, and last week I came under budget by $.08. It can be done, and we ate pretty well too. London Broil, chicken, lots of produce, and a few items to add to my stockpile.


If you would like to join our 10 Week Grocery Budget Challenge, go HERE and let me know!

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