Add Cinnamon To Coffee Grounds = Health Benefits & Added Flavor!

Posted by on July 11, 2013




If you read the recent Yahoo article titled “12 Foods Nutritionists Eat,” then you might have already tried this. Cinnamon is one of the top 12 foods Nutritionists eat, and with all these health benefits I can see why.


They recommended putting cinnamon in your coffee grounds before brewing. I’ve done this the past few days and LOVE the added flavor to my coffee + the health benefits.


– Cinnamon has an effect on blood sugar that makes it a potential help in the battle against weight, insulin resistance and the metabolic syndrome
– Cinnamon reduces blood sugar and increases insulin levels
– Reduces Bad Cholesterol while keeping the good cholesterol stable
– Boosts the Immune System while removing fatique & increasing longevity
– Treats colds & Influenza
– Helps Brain Function & Memory (this I need!)
– Helps the digestive system- removes flatulence, indigestion, soothes the tummy
– Suppresses the bacteria that causes UTI and fungus associated with yeast infections
– Natural Pain Reliever- I’ve personally used cinnamon for toothaches & cramps and have had instant relief, whereas tylenol or advil take a while to kick in
– Excellent source of manganese, calcium, fiber and iron
– And not to mention that adding cinnamon to coffee enhances the flavor! I was at Starbucks the other day and added a teaspoon of cinnamon to my coffee and it was fabulous!

This is definitely something worth trying, I LOVE it, and the fact that I’m getting some nutrients from it makes me feel even better about drinking my coffee. Instead of adding sugary creamers to your coffee, try adding 1/2 Tbsp. of Demerara Sugar (found in WinCo’s bulk section) and milk. It tastes GREAT!



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