Wordful Wednesday: Clean That Microwave Effortlessly!

Posted by on October 3, 2012





I’m ashamed, I rarely ever have a gross looking microwave, but the other night I did heat some marinara sauce and SPLAT. It went everywhere, I of course said these words “I’ll clean it up later…” Well, this morning came and as I went to heat my breakfast, YUCK!


There is no way I can heat breakfast with this mess, so here’s what I did. Pretty much effortless and it works! The vinegar/water steams the mess and makes it EASY to wipe off. There were just a few areas I needed to scrub a bit, but no big deal!


Happy Wednesday!


One Response to “Wordful Wednesday: Clean That Microwave Effortlessly!”
  1. sonia says:

    thanks i’ll have to try this. my microwave is a mess.. i cook everything in the microwave. wonder what’ll remove the dry crust… yes its that bad! yuck