Fall Fun Craft Projects: Owls Made From Toilet Paper Rolls & Cupcake Liners!

Posted by on September 25, 2012




I was flipping through this months Family Fun Magazine and found this adorable craft, I just LOVE owls! Create Owls our of toilet paper rolls, card stock, and cupcake liners!

My daughter and I had a great time making these, she’s already begging to make more!


I couldn’t find the instructions for you online so I’ve typed them out below:


To assemble:

  • Trim an inch from one end of a bathroom tissue tube, fold in the top, and secure it with tape.
  • Cut a cupcake liner into quarters, them trim away the flat sections, leaving just the ruffles.
  • Use tacky glue to secure overlapping ruffled pieces to the tube.
  • Cut eyes and a beak from card stock.
  • Add pupils and dots with marker.
  • Glue the eyes and beak to the tube.
  • For ruffled wings, cut sections from a liner and glue them to the back of the tube. For smooth wings, attach a curved half-circle of card stock instead.

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