My Week In Review!

Posted by on July 1, 2012


For my family of three I allow us $100.00 every two weeks, and that includes groceries and toiletries.

This week I found that I was out of a lot. Doesn’t it just seem like it hits all at once!?! Frozen veggies, crackers/snacks, bulk items like oats, flour, etc. I know I over spent, but that’s why I give myself money for every 2 weeks, so that the next week I know not to spend as much.


Vons: Spent $19.01, Saved ?? (Can’t find my receipt)


$.99 Store: Spent $19.00, Save A LOT!


WinCo: Spent $35.17, Save A LOT (love buying from bulk section!) – Cherries were $1.99/lb, Crackers had $1.00/2 coupons on display – paid $1.18 per box


Fresh & Easy: Spent $14.82, Saved A LOT! – I bought the pork roast on clearance for a little more than $4.00, The apples I got for $.49/lb, and so forth! Great buys!

This Weeks Budget: $53.01

Total Spent: $88.00 – Yikes! I knew I overspent…

Total Saved: A LOT!

Roll Over For Next Week: –$34.99! I better be careful this next week!!!

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