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Tip Tuesday: Hate Spending Money On Paper Towels? Check Out This Reader’s Solution!


Save At Home Mommy Kelly says:

“Not sure if this is any help to anybody but I got sick and tired of buying paper towels and the waste and cost it produced! So a few months back I bought some cheap flannel receiving blankets at our local consignment sale and cut them up and made about 100-150 rags. I moved things around in my kitchen to make one of the top drawers my rag drawer. I keep a bucket in the laundry room to toss dirty and wet rags into and in 3 months have saved nearly $60 on paper towels alone! We used to go through 3 rolls a week and are down to 1 roll every 6 weeks! We keep them under the sink so we don’t use them often and rags have now become the norm. I keep some in the laundry room and bathrooms too for when messes occur. Bye bye waste and hello savings!”


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