End of the Month Routine!

Posted by on May 31, 2012




Happy LAST DAY OF SCHOOL to many kiddos and teachers here in Bakersfield!!! I can’t believe another month has past and May is almost over!!! Here is a great routine to start at the end of each month. It’ll keep you organized and ready for the new month, June here we come!


1.  Now is a good time to go through all your coupons and pull out all the ones that are expired or will expire soon.  Many expire at the end of the month and especially the end of the year!


2.  Today is the last day to print many coupons. The first of the month is when many sites release new coupons, so you will want to check them all at the beginning of each month to see what new ones they roll out or refresh from last month. 


3.  Make sure all your Single Check Rebate receipts for Rite Aid are entered so you can request your check.


4.  Get all your receipts in order so that you can add up all your spending and saving for month and tweak your budget for next month if need be. 


5.  Make sure you have ordered all the Swagbucks prizes you wanted.  They have limits on how many of each one that you can order in a day or month.


Also, check today’s post Print Your Coupons Before They Disappear for all the coupons that will most likely be gone by tomorrow and take a look at the the Save At Home Mommy Coupon Database for all your coupon needs!

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