School Supply Deals Comparison

Posted by on July 19, 2010

From now through the start of school, I am going to be listing all the back to school deals in a chart from the larger stores.  I am only going to report the prices listed in their ad.  If I have a chance to go into the stores, I will report other prices.  Let us know if you come across any other great deals and I will add them to the chart.



Rite Aid




Office Max

Office Depot



Kids Scissors       .50   .20   1.00  
Hard Pencil Box .49     .50         .60
Yellow Pencils
24 or 25pk
.99       .25 for 10 pk        
Ticonderoga Pencils 12ct       1.50          
Colored Pencils     2.50   1.00        
10ct Pens       .60 1.00 .20      
Markers 10pk .99   2.50   1.00 2.50   1.00  
Dry Erase markers 4pk     1.99   3.00   FREE after rebate 2.00  
Crayons 24pk .79       .25 2.50      
1 Highlighter .09         .25      
Highlighter 5pk .49       1.50 2.50      
1 Subject Notebook .29   BOGO 50% off start at $1.89 .15 or 1.00         .15
2 pocket Folders .09           .05    
Ruler .09       .25        
Large Eraser .29 for 2                
Pencil Sharpener .59         .25      
10 pk Sheet Protectors .29                
Glue Sticks 3pk .49     .25 2pk .25 2pk .25      
Liquid Glue .49   BOGO 50% off     .25   .01 with a $5 pur. .30
White Out .59   1.50   1.00        
Tabbed Dividers .39   BOGO FREE            
3 ring binder .39       1.00     B3G1 FREE .75
Filler Paper 280-300 sheets 1.49   1.33       .50    
Back Packs BOGO at 9.99     $9.00 8.00     50% off  
Lunch Boxes       $6-$9.00 7.99-9.99        



KMart also has a promotion when you buy Crayola, Mead, Avery, 3M, Expo, Paper Mate, Liquid Paper or Sharpie.  Buy $15 worth and get a $4.00 coupon or buy $25 worth and get an $8.00 coupon off your next purchase through 8/14.  There is a limit of one per transaction and the entire amount must be purchase in a single transaction.  Use this along with their deals to save even more.


Toys R Us has Crayola products on sale Buy 1, Get 2 FREE this week.  Prices will vary.


27 Responses to “School Supply Deals Comparison”
  1. Melanie says:

    This is great…thank you.

  2. Angie says:

    THANK YOU for doing this! I love buying cheap school supplies as donation items.

  3. nancy says:

    This is an amazing chart. Great job and thanks so much!

  4. Lynda says:

    Thanks hon, you rock!

  5. Alyssa says:

    Target had 2 types of 1 subject notebooks. One was $1.00 the other was $.15! Thank you for making this chart, very helpful for school shopping.

  6. Theresa Walker says:

    Thanks for doing this…I always stock up on stuff for my 3-year old, and try to find good deals on stuff to pack in my Christmas Child boxes too! Anyone know where to get lefty scissors for cheap?

  7. Susan says:

    This is awesome, thank you

  8. Lynn says:

    WOW, thank you SO much for taking the time to do this.

  9. Laura says:

    This is awesome!! Thank you!

  10. Coby says:

    Thank you so much!!!!!!

  11. I was at Target yesterday, and 1 subject notebook were .15 cents, composition notepads .25 cents, filler paper .75 cents, 10pk pens .50 cents. glue sticks 2pk .25 cents. Many more as well!

  12. Jessica says:

    Office Depot has 2 pocket folders (with or w/out prongs) for .05 and filler paper (150 sheets) for .25.
    This is great! Thank you!

  13. Sarah Campa says:

    Thanks! Just an FYI, Toys R Us has Crayola school supplies Buy 1 Get 2 free! I like to stock up on crayola supplies for the home too so it really works out for us! This year my neighbor and I are going in together on them for an even better deal :)

  14. My Boaz's Ruth says:

    What about Wal-mart?

    • Kerri says:

      They do not put out ads regularly and there were no prices in my paper this week. I do not go in there much so feel free to report any prices you come across.

  15. Jeannette says:

    Another problem with adding Wal-mart’s prices is that each Wal-mart store’s manangers can price things differently. So for example, a 5-pack of highlighters may be $1.58 at one store and $2.17 at a store a few miles away.

  16. Karen says:


    Will the updates be at this link? Or will there be a new post each week?

  17. Karen says:

    Would you consider adding Crayola markers to the list? These are on all of our supply lists this year.

  18. Kati says:

    walgreens also had colored, plastic pencil boxes for .49!! great for desks, or for keeping art supplies organized at home!

  19. Karen says:

    It says “8 count Crayola classic broad line markers”. As I recall, it is usually the 10 count that go on sale….that is what I sent in last year. I figured if they *really* didn’t want the other two, they could throw them in the trash (!).

    Our school district is really picky. They want only Crayola, Elmers glue, etc. I think this is a bit much. Especially with the glue….and really….must the pencils only be “Ticonderoga”? Sheesh!

    I will subscribe to your RSS feed so I can get the new updates each week. Thanks!

    • Kerri says:

      That is so crazy! I can not stand when they do that. I did not buy the Ticonderoga. I figured I could buy 3 times as many of the regular and still be ahead. I will see what I can do to change it for next week:)

  20. Michelle says:

    Thanks for such a great list!

    At Wal-Mart today I got 3 ring binders w/ pockets (1 in) for .75; 1 subject notebooks for .15.

    Some other supplies I picked up that was on a school list was a hole punch 1.00 and Lysol Disinfecting wipes BOGO pack 2.48 (had a 1.00 coupon of so paid 1.48 for 2). Pencil boxes are .60. (The better deal is at WAGS for .49)Elmers Glue at Walmart is .30/ 4 oz.

    I’m looking for good deals on construction paper and dry erase markers. Holding out for another week or so. And does anyone know where to find BIG pencils? I’ve been bargain hunting for my SILs twin Kindergarteners. HUGE list but have got some good deals the last couple of weeks.

  21. Karen says:

    RE Crayola markers

    If you are in an area that has a Kroger store here is an *AWESOME* hidden deal;

    Crayola markers (10pk) are on sale for $1, originally priced $3.49….you get a $4 catalina if you spend $20 in crayola products…the catalina is printing based on the non sale price.

    So….buy 6 packs and get a $4 catalina….a little of $2 (with tax) for 6 packs!!!

  22. Tricia says:

    Target has Crayola crayon 24 packs on sale for .25.


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