CVS’s Extra Care Bucks (ECB’s) and Coupon Policy

Posted by on July 28, 2009

Looking for all the info on shopping at CVS, their Extra Care Bucks program, coupon policy and more?  This is the place for you.  Find all the answers to your questions below and if you still have more, feel free to post a comment or email me and ask!

What are Extra Care Bucks or ECB’s?


ECB’s are CVS’s shoppers rewards system that can be used like cash on your next transaction. They print out immediately as a separate slip semi-attached to the bottom of your receipt. They expire 4 weeks from printing and can be used on anything in the store except alcohol, tobacco, stamps and gift cards.


How do I earn ECB’s?

There are 3 different ways that you can earn Extra Care Bucks:

  1. The first way is by your total spending each quarter. You will get back 2% of what you spend (after coupons and discounts) at the end of each quarter. You can also get $1.00 back for every 2 prescriptions you get filled at the pharmacy.
  2. The second way is by purchasing certain promotional items advertised in their ads. Some are buy a specific item for a certain amount and get $? ECB’s back and some are buy a certain amount in participating items and get $? in ECB’s back. If you have to buy a certain dollar amount, that amount is calculated before coupons, making the deals even sweeter when you have corresponding coupons! It is often possible to get FREE items or even make a profit!
  3. The third way is to sign up at . A few times a year, they will offer ECB’s for completing surveys for them.

What is the best way to use ECB’s?

The best use of ECB’s is to roll them from one transaction to the next. In other words, purchase items with the smallest out of pocket first, then use the ECB’s from that transaction to purchase larger value items that also produce ECB’s and keep going. This keeps your out of pocket as low as possible.

CVS’s Coupon Policy

This is CVS’s coupon policy from their customer service representative.

  • Our registers are set to allow 1 CVS coupon and 1 manufacturer coupon per item.
  • Free coupons or “offers at the register” (OAR’s) are unearned and issued to you as a valued member of the CVS/pharmacy ExtraCare program. These coupons take the form of “open ended” coupons such as $3 off $15 or a certain dollar amount off a specific item. In any given transaction our registers will allow only one “open ended” coupon per transaction.
  • You can use more than one Extra Buck coupon provided the purchase threshold has been met for each offer amount on a per-transaction basis.
  • In the case where a particular item is on sale for “buy one get one free” (BOGO), you are only allowed to use one manufacturer’s BOGO coupon. For instance, if Revlon lipstick is on sale for BOGO, you can use one manufacturer’s BOGO coupon. You would get both items free and pay any applicable tax. We reserve the right to limit quantities.
  • If our store is running a sale for BOGO, you can use two manufacturer’s coupons for a specific dollar amount off. For example, if Revlon lipstick is on sale at our store for BOGO, you can use two $1.00 off Revlon lipstick manufacturer coupons.
  • CVS/pharmacy does accept manufacturers’ coupons that have been obtained from manufacturer sponsored and/or authorized Web sites. The coupon should be complete and contain a bar code that can be scanned at the register. If the coupon does not scan, the cashier should politely inform you that we cannot accept your coupon. We do not allow manual overrides at the register for coupons printed from the Internet.
  • CVS/pharmacy will not accept offers printed from unauthorized Internet postings or reproductions, copies, or facsimiles.
  • We do not accept competitors’ coupons for front store items. We feel that our sales and ExtraCare program are comparable if not better than any sales or coupons offered by our competitors.
  • We also do not accept any expired coupons, CVS or otherwise.
  • We do not “double” or “triple” coupons.

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18 Responses to “CVS’s Extra Care Bucks (ECB’s) and Coupon Policy”
  1. Kimberly says:

    I love CVS! The past 2 weeks have been wonderful with their back to school stuff being free after ECB's. I don't want to pay for anything if I can get it free.

  2. Dani says:

    I went to CVS a few days ago and bought 2 pkg of Huggies Diapers on sale for $8.99 (i think) and used 2 $2 off coupons. I also picked up a nutcracker on sale for $1.25. I got back $2 in ECB. This was the 2nd time I used my CVS card (just got it). I was wondering how I earned those ECB's? Any thoughts?

  3. Rebecca says:

    I just earned ECB’s for contact solution, gum, and shave cream. Can I use the ECB’s I earned from my CVS card to repurchase these same items with my husband’s CVS Card and still get the ECB’s for his card? Or do they track what my ECB is for and not let me reuse it to purchase the same item and still get the same amount of ECB’s back? Does this make sense?

    Also, I tried to register for your class on April 12th and I think I did, but it took me to a weird screen and I never got a confirmation, so just wanted to be sure I was registered.


    • admin says:

      First, I just checked and your registration came through just fine:)

      Second, ECB’s are card specific so you can’t use ECB’s from your card to purchase something using another card such as your husbands, They have the card number printed on them. If you bought contact solution and got ECBs for the purchase using your card, you can use the ECBs from that with your card to purchase anything else except what is listed on the ECB (alocohol, tobacco, etc). If the limit on the contact solution is more than one, you could buy one, get the ECB and then use the ECB to buy another of the same thing. That is no problem as long as you are within the stated limit that is tracked on your card. If that is not clear, ask away and I will clarify:)


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